Loss or theft of identity cards or passports

Belgian residents, irrespective of nationality, who lose their identity card or passport must report this to DOC STOP. DOC STOP is a helpdesk for holders of a Belgian identity document to report, 24/7, the loss or theft of their identity or travel documents. For this purpose, the freephone number 00800 2123 2123 can be used worldwide (or the freephone number + 32 2 518 2123 in countries where the 00800 code is unavailable).

After the telephone operator checks the identity, the Belgian identity document is blocked. Citizens can thus avoid falling victim to fraudulent use of their identity document (for example, through car rental, mail orders, loans taken out in their name, etc.).

Holders of identity documents must apply for a new identity document at the local authority in the area in which they are domiciled. Cases of identity document theft may also be reported to the police.

A police report is mandatory where a non-national’s electronic ID card has been lost. After citizens have called DOC STOP to report the loss, theft or destruction of their identity document, they must go to their local authority or local police to pick up an Annex 12 certificate. The Annex 12 certificate is valid in Belgium as a temporary identity document. Since the Annex 12 certificate does not constitute an identity card or travel document, it cannot be used abroad.

Annex 12 certificates are not issued for Belgian passports, as Belgian residents must hold an identity card or a non-national card.

Similarly, Annex 12 certificates are not issued for Belgians living abroad. They have to contact the relevant consulate in their country of residence.

If a new identity card is urgently needed to leave Belgium, you can apply for an identity card via a fast-track procedure at your local authority in the area where you live in Belgium. It is also possible to use a passport to travel without an identity card.

For EU citizens who are not Belgian

EU citizens who are not Belgian and who wish to travel to Belgium can also use their passport if their identity card (and vice-versa) has been stolen. A temporary emergency passport issued by their own country can also be accepted.


Article 6b of the Law of 19 July 1991 on population registers, identity cards, non-national cards and residence documents.


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Responsible bodies

FPS Home Affairs

Local authority where the person is entered in the population register.


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